Lydia Wanstall

Copy-editing and Proofreading



How are fees calculated?

The charge is an hourly rate, based on the level of editing required. The text may need a varying degree of work, from little or no intervention to extensive re-styling or even re-writing.

How many words can be edited per hour?

A well-written document requiring basic proofreading might be completed at a rate of around 3000 words per hour. On the other hand, in cases where the writer’s work requires significant amending, or where there are a number of citations, cross-references, notes, figures and similar to be checked, that number will be significantly reduced.

Basic proofreading

Checking for accuracy, completeness and consistency. Includes corrections to:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • formatting
  • references
  • typographical errors.

If during a proofread I discover areas of weakness which may benefit from a more thorough edit, I will advise you immediately so that you can decide whether a more detailed service may be more applicable.


As above, plus:

  • an edit of the structure of the text to ensure clarity of argument and thought processes
  • resolution of any anomalies, ambiguities or infelicities to ensure harmonisation of style and syntax
  • reconstruction of weak sentences or passages.


Each project will be priced individually, according to your requirements. For a free estimate, please contact me to arrange to send a sample document or chapter through (minimum 3 pages). The hourly rate will depend on the level of editing required, but will be in the region of £23 per hour for proofreading, £26 per hour for copy-editing and £30 per hour for significant re-writing.

For guidance on SfEP suggested minimum rates, please visit

Additional information

  • All documents should be submitted in Word format.
  • Please ensure that the style guide is also submitted, if required.
  • Please confirm if there is a fixed deadline.
  • All communications are strictly confidential.
  • A change of brief during the project may lead to a change in the final cost. This will be confirmed at the time the change of brief is agreed.
  • Acceptance of a quotation or brief (by letter or email) confirms acceptance of the service. Cancellation thereafter is only by mutual consent, at which point the client is liable only for the charges up to that point.
  • Payment terms are 30 days from receipt of invoice.



Prompt, efficient, reliable and great at drawing out the essence of my thinking, by simple communication and clear direction, Lydia provides a great value editorial service.

Rachael Lear
Managing Director at Coalescing

Thank you very much for all your editing and advice. I can never fully express my gratitude for the smart changes you made to my documents and to my own skill itself!

PhD student, Japan

It’s a real pleasure to work with Lydia. She copy-edited a lengthy and complex publication in line with the UNICEF style guide and did so with great flexibility, good humour and perfect compliance with tight deadlines. Her services are highly recommended.

Marie Wernham
Consultant at CREATE and author of UNICEF Child Rights Education Toolkit